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Most of you that have been a part of DV Radio or at least followed and listened since day one will know and remember CHIEF. A fellow brother, friend, and most importantly... family.

If you missed our show on July 29, 2017 then please click here to listen to us speak about this.

With that said:

Meet CHIEF's youngest daughter, Ryleigh. She's a happy little Warrior that has the smile of her mommy, the mentality of her daddy, and the strength of mommy, daddy, and both her big sisters! Sadly, at just fourteen months old, she has stage 2 Neuroblastoma. (For more information about this, please refer to the "Facts About Neuroblastoma" image.)

She has been in the hospital, had surgery to remove the tumor as well as bone marrow biopsy (which was done through both hips through her lower back). Poked and prodded, every nurse and doctor checking on her but she still comes through with the biggest smile each and every day. She has had test after test and some of them are beyond painful, especially for a small child.

Little Ryleigh doesn't let mommy and daddy stay down for long when she goes into that dreaded room for tests or anything else. As soon as possible her eyes are wide and her smile is bright!

See The #RyleighStrong Gallery Below!

  1. See That Daddy?
    See That Daddy?
    Wonder Ry and Daddy wearing his "I will never quit" shirt!
  2. Wonder Ry
    Wonder Ry
    Wonder Ry Taking A Nap Before She Goes To Kick Cancer's Ass!! You Go Little Heroine!!
  3. Cancer? Fuck You Cancer!!
    Cancer? Fuck You Cancer!!
    Ryleigh Showing Cancer That It Is Going To Take A Lot More To Keep Her Spirits Down!!
  4. Ryleigh Is A Hero
    Ryleigh Is A Hero
    That smile brightens any cloudy day!

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