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What's better than having a cup of coffee in the morning? Having a cup of the freshest roasted coffee that can be delivered to your doorstep in America. And why not make it DV Radio's Battleground blend? Straight from our fellow Navy Veterans at Ubora Coffee, you can have DV Radio's very own special blend of coffee, with a portion of it going back to DV Radio, while helping another Veteran Owned company... Three for the price of one! Without anything extra added to keep it on the shelf or any chemicals to give you a bitter aftertaste, grab a bag of DV Radio's Battleground from Ubora Coffee right now!

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Starting out with nothing more than a Kickstarter and a dream to virtually end the 22 A Day, Objective Zero has blossomed into a beautiful app that does much more. From being able to contact someone at any time of the day across the globe to having resources that include yoga, PTSD, MST and so much more -- the Objective Zero app is there for you! Whether you're a Veteran, Service Member, EMS, LEO, Firefighter, or even a civilian -- there's always someone around to speak with you. Grab the Objective Zero app on your mobile device, today!

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PTSDog: Post Traumatic Stress disorder and the service Dog is a book about Service Dogs, Disabled Veterans, PTSD, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Author (Joaquin Juatai) wrote PTSDog as the go-to resource for people who need to understand the law, understand how Service Dogs work, or just want to read the stories of the Disabled Veterans who use them. Through interviews and photos with other PTSDog handlers, Juatai is painting a picture of the challenges these handlers face in their day-to-day lives, and how their dogs provide effective support to help enable them to overcome their disabilities.

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SOSRA & Warrior Service were founded by Army Veteran, David Libby. His love and passion for music as well as the humbling inner selflessness to help his fellow brothers & sister exploded the two. SOSRA started out with a few garage nights and playing "around the campfire" that then morphed into a full-on band. Already at two albums with more upcoming, SOSRA takes personal and relatable feelings from military service then combines it with the sound of Iron Maiden, Metallica and bands that bring that nostalgia factor. Aside from SOSRA, David created Warrior Service, with the ultimate goal to become the "One Stop Shop" for Veterans. From transitional housing with a farm to work shops combined with co-locating other nonprofit veterans, Warrior Service is making its way to getting a facility to accomplish this and more. This will also include the immediate family members and/or caregivers! Every Veteran is different when it comes to needs and the Veterans participating in Warrior Service will not only drive it, but also help to shape what it grows into.

The DV Farm, located in Keene, NH, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit which is owned and operated by Veterans. The DV Farm operates solely on donations from the public with no state or government assistance. Its mission is to take homeless Veterans and help get them back into a daily routine and [if needed] get them through their rehab. The program combines housing & nutrition along with animal assisted therapy, a structured work schedule, and the camaraderie of fellow vets working together to reintegrate back into civilian life.

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