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Although DV Radio is completely free (for listeners and those that have a show or syndicate on the network) it is not free for those of us behind-the-scenes.

At times, we must cover costs out-of-pocket. Sometimes, it comes from those hardcore listeners that are able to donate and, other times it comes from the very few sponsors we do have.

From the website, music license to merchandise, production and equipment - there are things that cost us to continue giving you the content you want and we love to provide.

So if you're able to do so, why not help us out in one of the many ways on this page?

Whether you have equipment gathering dust, want to join us on Patreon, or you have an uncle that just passed and you got the entire Will... There's always a way you can help us continue DV Radio for you!

DVR Logo Branding
Become A Sponsor

To have your logo brand (with back link) on our website or to become a sponsor of a specific show or all of DV Radio, please use the contact form located on this page!


FINALLY! DV Radio has its own store! Grab a family friendly t-shirt or something that has that "dysfunctional" feel. Always check back for more designs and merch in the future!!