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Whether you’re listening to a live show or you’re catching up via the podcast, you’re always going to have a family with DV Radio. We aren’t your “typical” Veteran station nor podcast and, to be frank, many Veterans do not like us because of “Dysfunctional Veterans”. Yup. They believe that we cultivate a stigma, are the reason that Veterans Affairs is the way they are towards Veterans, and a whole plethora of other reasons.

Here at DV Radio and any part of Dysfunctional Veterans, we welcome you because we know that everybody has experiences that others just will not understand and, at the end of it all, we’re all just a little dysfunctional and that’s perfectly okay. So get out of the DEAD AIR, press “PLAY” and laugh like you did when you were in the barracks!

DV Radio Network logo with a microphone behind the text, an M16 as the i in radio, and the quote "DEAD AIR" between the top DV Radio text and bottom Network text.

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