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There’s more than one way!

Contrary to popular belief, DV Radio, LLC is not a profitable company and most of the costs come out of the pockets of the hosts and owners.

You can help us out by supporting us in many ways that are listed right here on this page!

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DV Radio Store logo, text reads DV Radio Official Store

DV Radio Store

The DV Radio Store is where all of DV Radio’s OFFICIAL merchandise as well as some of our DVR Family is located. Anything that is labeled “DV Radio” goes back to DV Radio!!

DV Radio's bag of Battleground coffee from Ubora Coffee

Battleground Coffee

DV Radio has its very own blend of coffee and you can join the team in drinking their favorite coffee by grabbing a bag today! Ubora Coffee is also Veteran owned so you’re supporting TWO Veteran Owned Companies!

ADAPT logo for Affinity Digital Asset Payment Technology


Affinity Digital Asset Payment Technology

ADAPT is the official token exchange by Affinity Innovations, Inc. and DV Radio is there! You can use your crypto to support DV Radio by heading over to the ADAPT exchange now. Scroll to the bottom to send crypto if you wish.

PayPal Support us badge


If you don’t want a product, don’t want to join a platform, don’t use crypto but still want to support us then you can via PayPal.

*Check the bottom of this page for more info pertaining to PayPal*

Ko-Fi support us button


Ko-fi is a platform that does not take any money from creators and it’s an alternative to more popular places, where we’ve been, that takes at least 13% plus fees from the top. So why not help us with becoming a supporter through Ko-fi today!

Advertise Your Business On DV Radio


DV Radio reaches more than just one or two states, we have listeners from ALL OVER THE GLOBE! We don’t promise results but we can promise to deliver your advertisement, sponsorship, and that people will hear it!

For those directly giving via PayPal, ADAPT, or other entity:

1) You do NOT need an account for a one-time donation to give via PayPal.
2) DV Radio is NOT a 501(c)3. Your donation is classified as a “gift” and cannot be “written off” on taxes.

Use ADAPT To Send ANY Crypto Now!

  1. Connect your wallet
  2. Enter DVRadio in the “TO” field and verify
  3. Select the token and amount you’d like to send then verify
  4. Approve and Send!

If you don’t want to leave the page and support us through Ko-fi, you can do so below!