Welcome to the Family, the DVR Family. This isn’t only a cute, ingenious way to describe those we work closely with but it is a TRUE family. All of the places and people you see on this page are a part of the DVR Family because they are transparent, selfless, and have the same core values as us here at DV Radio.

The Jaeger Foundation

Wah-Tie Woodturning

Betsy Ross


Southern Vet Sweets

Ubora Coffee Roasters

DVR Family

These are what we call “DVR Family” because, they are a huge part of our family that keeps DV Radio going. They talk about us to others, push DV Radio without us asking, and we support them in any way(s) we possibly can.

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Objective Zero


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Warrior Service

Affinity Innovations, Inc.

K Bar Soap Co.

Backpacks For Life

Changed Unchained

Purple Heart Homes logo

Purple Heart Homes

SGT WarDawg

Canal Technologies

Munkee Bawlz Media

Can I Join The Family?

Honestly, the DVR Family is truly reserved for those that we work closely with and have always been there with us through thick and thin. We, without fail, support these individuals, organizations, groups and nonprofits. They’ve allowed us into their homes, businesses, they are what the true definition of “family” is. We will never take “applicants” as that is not what this is about but if you meet what we call “Family” then we will have a special spot awaiting you.

Soldier Songs & Voices

Veterans Outreach Center

Southern CC, Inc.

Black Rambo

Veteran Trash Talk

R.E.B.el LLC

Inert MUGS

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